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What You'll Get

Our Free Career Site Audit pinpoints where you can elevate your Careers Site across four critical dimensions:

  • Engagement: Assess how effectively your Careers Site engages visitors, highlighting areas for deeper connection.

  • Conversion: Identify obstacles in the applicant journey, offering solutions to boost application rates.

  • SEO: Evaluate your Career Site's search engine performance, revealing key areas for enhanced visibility.

  • Performance: Analyze technical aspects affecting user experience and Careers Site ranking, from speed to responsiveness.

How it works

From Audit to Excellence in Four Steps

  1. Sign Up: Click 'Get Your Audit' and complete the brief form.
  2. Initial Consultation: We'll discuss your careers site's goals and identify areas of focus.
  3. Comprehensive Audit: Our team conducts a thorough review, leveraging our expertise to uncover improvement opportunities.
  4. Detailed Report & Recommendations: Receive an in-depth analysis with practical steps to enhance your careers site.

Ready to Elevate Your Career Site?

Begin the journey to a more captivating and efficient career site with HappyDance. Simply fill out the form for a comprehensive review by our experts.

We go beyond identifying areas for improvement; we provide specific strategies to activate your Career Site's potential immediately. Uncover hidden opportunities to not only draw in but also deeply engage the talent you seek.

From refining user interactions to boosting your Career Site's visibility in search engines, let us guide you to not just meet but exceed your talent attraction goals.


Our audit scrutinizes your career site across four main areas: Engagement, Conversion, SEO, and Performance.

We evaluate how well your careers site connects with visitors, the smoothness of the application process, its visibility on search engines, and overall technical efficiency.

Typically, the audit is completed within 2 weeks, allowing us to conduct a thorough review and compile actionable insights.

Only access to your career site is needed. This enables our experts to conduct a comprehensive review, focusing on Engagement, Conversion, SEO, and Performance, without the need for any additional data or analytics.

You'll get a detailed report outlining key findings and actionable recommendations in the areas of Engagement, Conversion, SEO, and Performance, plus an optional follow-up consultation to discuss implementing these strategies.

No, the audit is entirely obligation-free.

Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights to improve your career site.

You're free to implement our recommendations on your own or explore further services with us, whichever suits your needs best.