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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on which implementation and design route you take.

If you opted for our functional designed Careers Site where we take your existing branding and stitch it into our off-the-shelf templates, then the duration would take around 88 work days.

If you wanted something more custom for your Careers Site where we create a more unique design with our existing functionality then the average timescale from kick-off meeting to go-live is approximately 100-132 work days!

Our platform is 100% content manageable by you which means page layouts, the addition of new content, new page creation, and adding tracking scripts is completely controlled by you.

We also include a handy little preview panel so you can preview what your changes will look like on the site before publishing to the live site too!

Once the website goes live, a 30-day hyper care period is activated where you can raise any issues with your Project Manager, and have them resolved.

After the hyper care period is completed, you will have access to our 24/7 Support Desk to raise any issues that arise in regards to the website and your SLA will ensure these are resolved in a timely manner for you.

Our platform is equipped with true personalization which personalizes content to users based on their actual behavior.

Depending on what jobs, teams, or locations content users look at across the website, the platform will automatically personalize content based on their interests.

You are able to control the strength of this feature in the back end of the website so if you didn’t want candidates to see personalized content until they’d looked at a certain number of jobs, teams or locations this is available to you and allows you to become really granular with those experiences.

The Careers Site doesn’t currently have an Analytics dashboard, but we make it easy to add your Analytics platform tracking script to every page or simply one page so you can still monitor all of those important career site metrics

You don’t is the simple answer.

We take care of this for you and automatically add schema code to every single job page to ensure Google can see your jobs are eligible to be published to their Google for jobs platform, and we also add schema code to any frequently asked questions content you add to the site so your information is eligible to be displayed in a rich format in Google’s search results.

Absolutely none.

You have the ability to create as many new pages as you like and we give you a range of different templates you can use as your base or create a new page from scratch. Your choice!

All you need to do is add the tracking code/scripts to the relevant pages or in the settings of the CMS and the website does the rest and ensures that your Analytics platforms are tracking your candidate behavior.

Yes. We can build in the multilingual functionality for you, and will train you on how to set up different language variants of the Careers Site.

The CMS provides you with additional tools to make translating content easy too

You can populate your new website if you have the resource internally, or we can offer a range of different Content Concierge packages which can make your life a lot easier.

Yes! We have a team of copywriters and strategists who work on producing new content for Careers Sites all over the world on a daily basis so talk to us about one of the Content Concierge packages

We host all of our careers sites on Microsoft Azure for high performance and ultimate scalability which includes a global CDN for faster page load speed, plus a free auto renewal Digicert SSL. 

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