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Careers Sites for Candidate Attraction

In a tight labour market, high-calibre candidates can be more selective about the openings they pursue. That means your careers website has to capture their attention with a welcoming and engaging design that authentically reflects your company.

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How You Can Use a Careers Website to Attract Top Talent

Hiring is challenging enough. Make it easier with a careers website incorporating specific elements to appeal to first-rate talent.

Focus on the User Experience

Personalization is crucial for modern users. They expect contextually relevant information delivered to their device and a seamless experience consuming it. Create your site with a mobile-friendly design and behavioral intelligence tools for serving the right content to the right candidate at the right time.

Invest in SEO

High visibility on search engines like Google is vital to reaching your intended audience. Pages built for search engine optimization (SEO) help capture higher rankings in the results. That means more organic traffic heading to your website to convert.

Make It Easy to Apply

Frustration with the application process is a key reason for abandonment. Solve the issue by making it as easy as possible to complete the task. The HappyDance platform helps with tools that let you:

Using Your Careers Site to Promote Your Employer Brand

Your careers site is ideal for demonstrating what makes your business stand above the competition, so use it to seize these opportunities.

Highlight Your Culture

Illustrate your company's culture through dynamic storytelling. Our built-in content management system makes adding engaging elements like rich media to your pages easy. Ways to maximize your site include:

  • Show your company values with photos or videos of team events, community service projects and more.
  • Include mission and vision statements.
  • List employee benefits and other perks.

You'll get instant feedback on your quality of content with our convenient page-grader tool that helps you craft the best message.

Engage Current Employees

Draft existing employees as recruiting ambassadors. Ideas include asking them to:

  • Share a “Day in the Life” of their role.
  • Collaborate with content ideas across departments and leadership levels.
  • Create statements detailing what they love about their work and the company.

New hires are also a gold mine for feedback. Ask them to explain what attracted them to your business so you can leverage that information to make your site even better.

Benefits of Our Career Sites for Recruiting

HappyDance is a market-leading solution for building and managing careers sites to elevate your employer brand and candidate experiences. Advantages of partnering with us include:

Integrations: Don't just add a new tool — maximize your existing tech stack with our powerful integrations.

Security: Stay confident in your website's protection with our robust platform security and 24/7 monitoring.

Compliance: Follow data privacy laws easily with our compliant solution to protect candidates' rights.

Design: Choose from our proven templates or work with our award-winning creative team for custom site design.

Concierge: Focus on hiring top talent and let us do the rest with end-to-end concierge-level services.

Support: Contact us anytime — our around-the-clock technical support agents are here to help.

Reporting: Track key metrics with a few clicks to see your recruiting performance and spot opportunities.

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