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Keep calm and comply with GDPR.

With advanced data protection and GDPR compliance, we ensure all rules and regulations are met, so you can work hassle-free.

Put data compliance at the heart of your strategy.

With GDPR and data compliance laws changing on a regular basis, don’t get caught up worrying about whether your careers site meets these standards. At Ph.Creative, we stay on top of all the latest news, updates and releases to ensure your careers site meets the compliance laws in each jurisdiction you operate in.  

GDPR compliance

Enjoy the benefits of a fully GDPR-compliant careers site, so you can protect candidate data and meet the EU’s latest regulations on data and privacy.

Form submissions

Choose a careers site that is specifically designed to tackle phishing schemes and malicious redirects, so you can protect your candidate’s data and help keep them safe online.

Google Analytics

Take full advantage of Google Analytics to track candidate behavior and rest assured that no personal data is being collected.

Google Tag Manager

Send information to third-party applications by inserting small amounts of code that can be integrated into in-house data repositories, all while ensuring that you meet the legal responsibilities as a data processor.
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Protect the rights of candidates.

Our careers sites, job pages and form submissions are specifically designed to meet all compliance standards and protect the rights of candidates. Find out more about how we’re working to stay on top of GDPR compliance.

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