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A host you can trust.

With Microsoft Azure Cloud based servers for your careers site hosting we do not limit storage or bandwidth, giving you the reassurance and fixed costs to focus on what matters – your talent attraction strategy.

Hosting, made simple.

Our state-of-the-art cloud hosting makes your life as easy as possible, with instant access to new features and benefits as part of our ongoing annual license fee. We monitor and secure your careers site 24/7, which means no interruptions or server issues. 

Hosted in the cloud

We host all of our careers sites in the cloud for high performance and ultimate scalability which includes a global CDN for faster page load speed plus auto Digi Cert SSL renewals.

Safe and stable

Reassurance of greater security with a built-in web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection and bot protection. Fail over in another datacenter with rapid disaster recovery.

Enjoy the latest updates

When you host your careers site with us, you’ll get to enjoy 24/7 server maintenance and instant access to the newest features.

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One package, one seamless experience.

Take the pressure off your back by letting us host and manage your careers site. Find out more about how our hosting capabilities are included as part of your monthly service package.

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