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Simplifying the Path to the Perfect Job.

Redefining Job Search for Effortless Candidate Experience.

At HappyDance, we understand that a seamless job search is crucial in attracting top talent. Our advanced job search functionality is designed to make applying for jobs straightforward, efficient, and more effective than ever before.

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Innovative Search Capabilities for Tailored Results.

Our platform’s job search functionality is not just advanced; it’s intuitive and customizable, ensuring candidates find the roles most relevant to them.

Bespoke Filter Options

Configure search filters based on location, department, skills, and more, delivering the most relevant job results to candidates.

Personalized Job Search Experience

Our CMS adapts to candidate preferences and browsing history, offering a personalized job search that targets individual needs.

Seamless Job Board Integration

Utilize built-in XML job feeds for automatic job scraping from platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, enhancing visibility and referral traffic.

Mobile-Friendly Applications

Enable candidates to save jobs and apply on the go, providing a world-class mobile job search experience.

Expanding Functionality for Diverse Needs.

Google Talent Solutions Integration

Enhance job search results for veterans with easy-to-use military code search functionality.

Streamlined Candidate Journey

Offer an efficient, user-friendly job search process, improving the overall candidate experience and increasing application rates.

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Why Have a Job Search Management Tool Embedded in Your Careers Site?

There are numerous reasons to add a job search tool to your company's careers site.

1. It Creates a Better Candidate Experience

Once candidates arrive at your site and are sold on your employer value proposition, the next step is finding a vacancy that matches their qualifications. The more challenging that is for candidates, the more likely they are to abandon the process. Unfortunately, modern applicant tracking systems (ATS) rarely focus on candidate friendliness and may have numerous pages of forms to navigate on a mobile device. They also often lack job search capability, reinforcing the need for a separate tool.

By embedding a mobile-responsive search solution, you can ensure candidates stay engaged. They'll be able to filter your openings and find relevant options quickly and easily. Bottom line? If you don't create this better experience, your competition will, and you may miss out on high-caliber talent in a competitive marketplace.

2. It Attracts More Talent

According to Forbes, millennials represent the majority of the workforce and will comprise 75% of the labor pool by 2025. Gen Z will be following closely behind, sharing similar values. Your organization's careers site must appeal to these unique demographics.

These candidates are primarily “digital natives” who are comfortable using technology. They often access the internet through their smartphones or rely on mobile apps to complete tasks. They're also more likely to research potential openings based on compatibility with their workplace values, which may include key terms that weren't common among previous job-seeking generations.

Adding a tool to your careers website lets you meet these expectations while maintaining the agility to update relevant search terms quickly. Allowing candidates to sign up for notifications when a vacancy aligns with their desires and qualifications ensures they'll get an alert when a match comes up.

3. It Helps You Boost Hard-to-Fill Positions

Hard-to-fill positions can be a reality for any organization. Attracting quality candidates to apply for those vacancies can be a challenge in itself, making it crucial to get job openings in front of the right applicants.

With a job search and management tool, you retain control over the search terms candidates can select. That means you can feature and display those hard-to-fill positions with popular, relevant keywords.

The Benefits of Working With HappyDance

HappyDance is part of Ph.Creative, a leading employer branding agency. Our teams combine digital excellence with award-winning creativity to take careers sites to the next level. Working with us gives your company benefits like:

A history of customer success.

Highly configurable services, including comprehensive implementation assistance.

Premium design support.

Transparent pricing.

Concierge service availability.

Insightful Thoughts: Elevating Your Careers Site Strategy.

BA Focus On The Next Chapter

Bryan Adams, Founder & CEO of Ph.Creative to Focus on the Next Chapter for HappyDance

Bryan transformed Ph.Creative into a powerhouse over 20 years, earning 75 awards. Now, he shifts focus to scaling HappyDance, targeting Fortune 500 companies and expanding globally with new talent.

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