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Capturing Talent with Precision and Creativity.

Crafting Landing Pages That Resonate with Candidates.

In the realm of talent attraction, content is not just king; it's the key to unlocking potential. HappyDance enables you to create campaign landing pages that engage, inform, and convert visitors into candidates, much like leading e-commerce sites have mastered.

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Elevate Your Online Presence Beyond Traditional Job Boards

Inspired by e-commerce SEO successes, such as Amazon, HappyDance applies similar tactics to career sites. We empower you to create evergreen landing pages that not only compete with but surpass major job boards in search rankings.

3 Reasons to Develop Landing Pages for Careers Sites

There are many reasons to opt for evergreen landing pages — here are three solid ones to start.

1. Make a Great First Impression With Relevant Information

You carefully craft your job posts to match user intent so Google is more likely to rank and display them. You need to take the same care to ensure the click-through page matches the messaging from the search results page. When it doesn't, you've created a frustrated candidate who will most likely bounce rather than try to navigate your site to find the information they need.

A dedicated landing page solves that issue by displaying precise and relevant details immediately, making for a better experience. A happier job seeker directly correlates to one more likely to convert into an applicant — and eventually, an employee.

2. Direct Traffic to Featured Pages

While the primary purpose of landing pages is to deliver applicants relevant information, they're also useful for directing traffic to specific pages you want users to visit. Let's say your company regularly has job fairs. A landing page showing upcoming events and providing a registration link will likely deliver higher conversion rates than a small blurb on your career site's home page.

Directed landing pages are also effective ways to build your talent pipeline when there's no current matching vacancy. You can use them to tell potential candidates about your benefits packages and highlight your company culture to maintain their interest and engagement when a good fit opens up.

3. Maximize Your Google Ads Account

If your company turns to sponsored real estate on Google for advertising vacancies, dedicated landing pages can help you make the most of your spending. The use of a specific page tied to precise ad language often boosts a site's quality score and ad rank. It can also help reduce costs per click to save your organization money.

Evergreen landing pages can also serve as a retargeting tool. For example, you might display a retargeting ad customized to financial analyst applicants to users who've previously visited the landing page. This personalization ensures you're investing your ad budget in those who've shown the most interest.

How You Can Use HappyDance's Careers Site Landing Page Builder

Here's what you need to know about where and how to use dedicated job posting landing pages — and how HappyDance simplifies the process.

Diverse Landing Page Creation

Develop high-converting landing pages focused on various themes like Diversity, Career Areas, and Locations, enhancing your Employer Brand visibility.

Recruitment Marketing Optimization

Design landing pages that entice candidates, ensuring your recruitment marketing budget is effectively utilized to attract top talent.

SEO-Enhanced Visibility

Leverage SEO tactics to improve your site's search engine rankings, attracting more qualified candidates organically.

Personalized Candidate Experiences

Create personalized landing pages that resonate with different candidate personas, offering a tailored browsing experience.

Leveraging Evergreen Content for Long-Term Success.

Sustained Attraction

Utilize evergreen content to continuously draw in candidates, ensuring long-term visibility and relevance.

Enhanced Candidate Engagement

Craft rich, engaging content that goes beyond job descriptions, offering insights into your company culture and values.

Streamlined SEO Strategies

Apply e-commerce inspired SEO strategies to elevate your career site's search engine performance, competing effectively with larger job boards.

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Why Choose HappyDance to Create Career Landing Pages?

As a digital technology expert in the Ph.Creative family, HappyDance is the preferred solution for companies worldwide that want to take their careers sites to a happy place. They choose our platform and team because we offer:

Accessibility for users of all types.

A commitment to application security.

Transparent pricing.

Proven results.

Concierge service for end-to-end content management.

Data privacy compliance.

World-class design.

Ongoing customer support.

Full-service implementation.

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