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Say Hello, Hola or Nǐ hǎo to a personalized candidate experience.

Today’s job market is more diverse and competitive than ever before. To resonate with candidates and provide a standout user experience, you need to connect with them in the language that matters most – their own.

Our career sites speak multiple languages, so you don’t have to.

With a multilingual setup available as a simple add-on service, you can feel confident knowing that our careers sites will reach candidates in their native tongue based on their location.

Our careers sites support 832 languages/locations, giving you the freedom and flexibility to connect with talent anywhere in the world.

Prioritize your candidate experience

Connect with talent in their native language and bring your candidate experience to life across multiple time zones, geographies and locations.

Increase applications

Multilingual career sites help build trust with prospective applicants, so you can increase the likelihood of a candidate taking the next step in your recruiting journey.

No stone unturned

Our platform allows you to translate every element on a page such as form button labels, and even lets you automatically add Hreflang tags to avoid being penalized for duplicate content.

Boost your SEO

Google provides search results in many different languages, which means a multilingual careers site can help your ranking for SEO more effectively across multiple geographic locations.

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What a wonderful world.

Embrace the power of connectivity and transform your candidate experience with multilingual careers sites that stand out from the competition. Find out how to take your careers site to the next level.

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