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Turn analytics into insights.

Harness the industry’s most advanced reporting dashboard – so you can test, learn and deliver on what candidates truly want.

Make smarter, more informed decisions.

We’ve designed our CMS to seamlessly integrate with a range of external analytics tools, as well as provide some of the most advanced native reporting functions in the market.

From Page Grader to readability analysis to custom dashboard reports, we give you the data and analytics you need to make smarter, more informed decisions.  

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Dashboard reports

Dashboard reports provide unique insights into which posts convert best, keeping you updated on the latest candidate behavior.

Advanced analytics integrations

Embed and integrate your 3rd party tracking scripts and tools to help measure success, with popular plug-ins like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Page Grader

Our proprietary analytics tool benchmarks website content against 80+ proven performance criteria to sense-check copy and help you fine-tune careers pages.

Content analysis

Detect patterns that may undermine your messages, assess page readability and remove gender bias by harnessing the insights from our content analysis tools.

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Make data sexy again.

Who said data was boring? With our advanced suite of analytics and reporting tools, you can easily track KPIs, sharpen the performance of your job pages and breathe life into your candidate experience.

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