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Careers Site Reporting

Insightful Analytics for Smarter Recruitment.

Harness the Power of Data-Driven Talent Acquisition.

In today’s competitive talent landscape, effective decision-making hinges on understanding key metrics. HappyDance brings you a meticulously designed analytics dashboard, equipped with industry-leading analytics to illuminate the path to recruitment success.

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A Dashboard Tailored for Recruitment Excellence.

Our careers site dashboard is not just a collection of data points; it's a carefully curated set of metrics we've identified as most beneficial for our customers. It seamlessly integrates with tools like Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM), offering a comprehensive view of candidate interactions and behaviors.

Why Your Recruitment Reporting Is Essential

Reporting plays a big role in analyzing your recruiting processes and success.

Introduce Efficiency and Boost Hiring Metrics

Your reporting is a gold mine for insights you can use to make your recruiting more efficient. For example, you can pinpoint process bottlenecks or areas where candidates are abandoning the application process. You can leverage this information to make positive changes to resolve those issues, leading to more applicants and faster hiring cycles.

Reduce Recruiting Biases and Improve Quality

Research has demonstrated that workforce diversity increases business productivity, innovation and problem-solving. Inherent bias in the hiring process poses a challenge for many companies. Your reporting can uncover opportunities for more objective candidate evaluation, leading to data-driven hiring decisions.

Your company's analytics also tell a compelling story about your current workforce. For example, you can assess your star employees to capture information about the skills that make them successful. You can leverage this data to better match candidates to vacancies for higher-quality hires.

Benchmark Performance and Allocate Resources More Effectively

Achieving your recruiting goals starts by knowing where you are versus where you want to be. With the right data, you can identify metrics that demonstrate performance and create benchmarks to measure progress.

Your reporting is also vital to effective resource allocation. For example, understanding which channels are sourcing the best candidates allows you to focus efforts there. You can prevent waste and reduce hiring costs by devoting your time and money to higher-performing strategies.

Get to Know Our Careers Site Reporting Features

From Page Grader to readability analysis to custom dashboard reports, we give you the data and analytics you need to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Conversion Insights

Track which job posts and pages are performing best in converting visitors into applicants.

Candidate Behavior Analysis

Gain a clear understanding of how candidates interact with your site, from page visits to time spent on specific sections.

SEO Performance Tracking

Monitor how well your site and job listings rank in search engine results, guiding your SEO strategies.

Content Effectiveness

Assess the impact of your content in terms of engagement and readability.

Beyond What: Discovering the Why with Insight Reports

Insight Reports Service

Complement your dashboard metrics with our Insight Reports. These reports delve deeper, explaining the 'why' behind the data, and offering actionable recommendations for improvement.

Strategic Recommendations

Our experts analyze your data and provide tailored strategies to enhance your talent acquisition efforts, from refining job listings to optimizing candidate pathways.

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Why HappyDance Is the Ideal Solution

At HappyDance, our people provide much more than reporting to deliver high-performing careers sites for world-class companies. As a proud part of Ph.Creative, we're Defenders of Happiness who combine digital excellence with employer branding expertise.

Our teams take recruiting sites to happy places and drive customer success with:

A track record of results. Explore our case studies to see the actual impact we've helped our clients make.

Full-service options. Work with us for seamless site implementations, add multilingual capabilities or let us handle it all with concierge services.

Accessibility. Appeal to users of all abilities with a platform that complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Pricing integrity. Enjoy predictable, transparent pricing without hidden costs.

Around-the-clock technical support. Access our experts 24/7 when you need technical help.

Security. Get peace of mind knowing we take proactive steps to protect the platform against bad actors.

Creative, custom designs that earn recognition. Craft a bespoke careers site that tells your story with our award-winning design team.

Data privacy compliance. Stay confident in your compliance — our platform is up to date with data privacy regulations.

Insightful Thoughts: Elevating Your Careers Site Strategy.

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