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Security that’s built in, never bolted on.

We follow the industry’s most stringent security protocols to keep your website safe and your candidate’s data secure – 24/7, no exceptions.

Protect your careers site and your candidates.

With security features built-in from the ground up, our platform works non-stop to protect your careers site from cyber security attacks. From DDoS attacks to malware to SEO spam, we’re always testing and updating our security features to stay one step ahead. Not only does this keep your careers site safe and secure, but it also protects candidate data and defends visitors from malicious attacks.  

Keep your careers site safe and secure – Our server scanner constantly searches for malware, vulnerabilities and other security issues, which means we can stop DDoS attacks, blacklisting and vulnerability exploits before they happen. 

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Protect candidate data

Choose a careers site that is specifically designed to tackle phishing schemes and malicious redirects, so you can protect your candidate’s data and help keep them safe online.

SSL certificate

Protect the data collected by your careers site by transferring this from your site to an external server.

Software updates

We prevent vulnerabilities and security issues by automatically installing updates to plugins and core software in a timely manner.

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We’ve got you covered.

Safeguard your careers site, protect candidate data and defend your employer brand. Find out how we’re working 24/7 to ensure our careers sites meet the industry’s most stringent security measures.

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