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Developing Career Sites with Jim Taylor of HappyDance

HR Chat Podcast Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor
Managing Director
Published on

In this HRchat podcast, Bill Banham interviews Jim Taylor, Managing Director of HappyDance and they discuss ways to create effective career sites that enhance employer brands.

Topics covered include:

  • HappyDance's mission to elevate employer brands through career sites
  • The origins of the HappyDance name
  • Fostering an innovative company culture as a leader
  • What makes RecFest a standout recruiting event
  • Designing an excellent candidate experience
  • Storytelling tips to showcase employer brands
  • Examples of brands with strong workplace cultures
  • Emerging AI technologies for recruiting and hiring

Jim is a digital innovator whose "true passion lies in discovering ingenious ways to optimize career site performance, enriching candidate experiences, and crafting stunning platforms that magnify (the) organization's employer brand."

Throughout the conversation he shares his perspective on career site best practices and doles out helpful tips to HR pros looking to get their brands’ unique value proposition across to talent.

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