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Elevating your EVP with Organic Recruitment Marketing

Elevating your EVP with Organic Recruitment Marketing
Jim Taylor
Managing Director
Published on

Want to boost your EVP and your application numbers with organic recruitment marketing? Let's dive in. 

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What is organic recruitment marketing?

Organic recruitment marketing centers on drawing in potential job seekers through unpaid means like social media and SEO. It hinges on creating captivating content, using the company's existing channels to pique interest.

It’s a comprehensive strategy that addresses the natural digital touch points of the candidate journey.

What problems does it solve?

If you're facing challenges like low visibility, lack of awareness among talent, or poor rankings for important search terms, using a blend of SEO tactics and organic social media can make a significant difference.

Effective organic recruitment marketing will:

  • Enhance your brand presence
  • Provide an engaging and vibrant “shop window” for talent to explore
  • Ensure you remain memorable to your target audience

How to elevate your EVP using Organic Recruitment Marketing

Define your team

Before diving into any campaigns, assemble the dream team, so to speak.

SEO and Social Media experts to lead your strategy and handle the implementation. Copywriters to craft those essential captions for social media, blog posts, and landing pages on your careers site.

And finally, designers and developers to create assets, web pages, or make changes to your site.

Bring together your crew and ensure everyone grasps how their role fits into the big picture strategy.

Do your research

What are your competitors up to? What’s working and not working for them? What's trending right now? Where is your audience hanging out online? What are they engaging with?

Answer this questions before you plan or create anything.

Create content themes

Using key objectives and KPIs, determine the themes that will be most useful to guide your content. Want to attract more women into plant roles? Or build up your C-suite audience? Create your themes around that.

Plan your content

Develop your content schedule covering a 12-month period, making the most of national dates that are relevant to your organisation (such as Pride Month or National Hug Your Cat Day) and aligning them with your content themes.

Generate proactive and reactive content

Proactive content is designed ahead of time to align with your strategic goals.

But reactive content is sparked by trends, current events, or internal changes. As a guideline, aim for an 80% proactive and 20% reactive content balance.

Keep track

This step is essential if you want your efforts to matter.

Monitor your social channels, website and the performance of your content. Keep doing what works. Cut what doesn't.

Keep refining your content and tracking the results.

Research keyword search behaviour

Online search behaviour in the recruitment industry tends to fall under these keyword buckets: 

  1. Generic– i.e. "Jobs in consumer goods"
  2. Sector specific– i.e. "Research and development jobs"
  3. Job title specific - i.e. "Packaging engineer jobs"
  4. Long tail/ information terms– i.e. "Types of jobs in research and development"

Each type of search term tells you which stage the candidate is at with their journey, we call this their search intent.​

Develop a firm understanding of the keyword search behaviour you need to target, group them into different types and assign those keywords to your relevant page types.

For example:

  1. Generic – Homepage
  2. Sector specific - Job category landing pages
  3. Job title specific - Job title pages
  4. Long tail/ information terms - Supporting content (careers blog)

Once you've done this, you can build out your relevant pages, clustering content to satisfy varying search behaviour intents. By educating potential candidates and indirectly showcasing your EVP, you will drive more applications.

Top Tips

  • Stay flexible in your plan – being too rigid might stop you from coming up with great ideas. 
  • Try out different creative ideas and take some chances with your content.
  • Keep an eye on what’s popular and be ready to react quickly with your content.
  • Keep doing what works and stop doing what doesn’t.
  • Keep things simple – focus on getting the basics right first and then improve over time.
  • Regularly check and improve your content to make it more effective.

To sum up:

Incorporating SEO and Organic Social into your recruitment strategy is key to elevating your EVP and captivating your talent audience.

By planning strategically, generating both proactive and reactive content, and refining based on your content’s performance, you can elevate your recruitment marketing, attract top talent, and strengthen your employer brand.

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