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High Scores from Career Site Investment

High Scores From Career Site Investment
Jim Taylor
Managing Director
Published on

How investment in the right tech produced the right results for King and Dazn…

With career sites, it’s tempting to just throw up a job description and hope for the best. But that doesn’t do anything more than tell talent the bare minimum of what to expect from the position on offer. In fact, all they walk away with is an idea of the title, responsibilities, and qualification for the role.

To attract the very best qualified candidates your career site should be built on your employer brand and employee value proposition. Only then can you guarantee success.

Getting Your Careers Site into the Zone

Fast-expanding sports streaming service DAZN, (pronounced 'Da Zone') came to Ph.Creative to build a site that would help the company attract talent. The goal was to add 1,000 new team members who would succeed in their roles and fit the company culture. Fast expanding, see?

Ph. leaned heavily into the motion and design of the Careers Site, making sure all features, formats, and content was mobile-friendly. We also talked a great deal with the company’s internal team to ensure we were able to showcase the vibrancy of working at DAZN. In fact, one stakeholder was so inspired by the discussions that he sent out a team to capture stories about what it was like to work for the organization.

It didn’t take long after the launch of the new site to see improved results:

  • Site visits averaged at 26,000 per month
  • Separate page visits averaged at 90,000 per month
  • Dwell time came in at 3.5 minutes per page session

Not only were visitors lingering longer, but the new site was driving three times the traffic of the company’s existing site. The company also experienced huge returns in its application rates. Within the first three months, the site drew in 24,000 applicants. But the most important metric was the improvement in applicant-to-hire rates through the company’s own platform, which was 17 per cent.

The project was a great success in performance, engagement, and application rates, helping the company achieve its goal of filling vacancies.

“It was important to us to create something dynamic and engaging. We wanted a smooth candidate experience and a platform to help bring our employer brand to life. We had some pretty chunky targets and the project brief changed more than once. Ph. stuck by us and delivered an award-winning careers site that we’re really proud of.”

Ross McDonald, Content Manager - DAZN

Conversion Rates Rule

In addition, video game developer King, creator of huge mobile hits like Candy Crush, Bubble Witch Saga among others,  also needed a career site. At the time, job openings were hosted on its corporate site — which was not ideal. The most challenging part of the project was to capture the magic of the employer brand on the site itself.

We knew the new site had to focus on the company’s culture, people, and global locations to ensure the candidate experience matched such a fun, exciting, and vibrant brand.

As we discussed the various aspects of the organization with the internal team, we decided that animations would be critical to the design and layout of the mobile-optimized career site. We also couldn’t help being a little tongue-in-cheek with a few of the elements (i.e., the use of Candy Crush icons for bullet points).

All the other necessary components were there, too: a new applicant tracking system, enriched job descriptions, and so on. We even worked up a relocation guide, which also included stories of associates who’d moved from London to Berlin or Spain to London. But the crux of the project was really about the polish to create a career site that brought out the true nature of working for the brand.

The results were phenomenal.

Organic traffic grew by 114 per cent, unique visits increased by 71 per cent, and engagement improved by 212 per cent. Social referrals and mobile visits also jumped by 98 per cent and 149 per cent respectively. Lastly, application conversion rates increased by a whopping 68 per cent.

King’s investment in the right Careers Site technology that ensured a seamless user experience was key and helped us simply showcase the company’s culture and employer brand, which meant that interest in the application process was a great success.

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