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SEO & Google For Jobs on Careers Sites

How Good Housekeeping Helps Your SEO, And Why Google For Jobs Is Your Friend
Paul Mason
Head of Careers Site Sales
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Welcome to the Newest Developments in SEO for Career Websites!

We've covered a lot in our series - from site structure to job content. Now, let's explore managing expired job listings and leveraging Google for Jobs effectively. Read on for insightful strategies!

Navigating SEO for Expired Job Listings

When a job listing expires, you typically have three options: delete the page, redirect it, or leave it as is. However, ignoring expired listings isn't advisable.

Expired listings left unmanaged can negatively impact your SEO. Google's crawl budget is limited, so it's crucial to prioritize important pages for indexing. Regularly maintaining your site ensures Google focuses on relevant pages, enhancing your overall SEO.

For a few expired listings, adding links to similar roles on the same page can keep visitor engagement. For numerous expired listings, consider:

  • Setting the page as 404 (temporarily unavailable) with a republish date.
  • Using a 301 redirect to your main jobs page, indicating a permanent move.

This approach is essential for SEO efficiency and helps Google index your site more effectively.

Harnessing Google for Jobs Effectively

Google for Jobs aggregates listings from various sources, presenting them directly in search results. While using job boards is fine, optimizing your listings for Google for Jobs can elevate your brand's visibility.

To feature your jobs on Google for Jobs:

  1. Ensure your job pages are indexable.
  2. Use job posting structured data.
  3. Update your sitemap for Google's awareness.
  4. Track performance with Google Search Console and Analytics.

Key job listing details include:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Posting and expiry dates
  • Company info
  • Salary and job type
  • Address

Optimization Tips for Google for Jobs

Optimizing for Google for Jobs requires more than just listing jobs. Many sites miss out by omitting key details like salary and precise job titles. Conduct thorough keyword research to understand candidate searches and optimize your listings accordingly.

Google for Jobs: A Mini Search Engine

If your listings are overshadowed by larger companies or job boards, treat Google for Jobs as a separate search engine.

Do's and Don'ts for Maximizing Your Listings


  • Use bullet points for clarity.
  • Incorporate location keywords.
  • Introduce your company briefly.
  • Use clear, candidate-friendly language.
  • Highlight skills, experience, hours, salary, and benefits.


  • Use special characters or emojis.
  • Create too short job ads (aim for 150-250 words, more in competitive fields).

Key Metrics for Google for Jobs: Validity and Location

  • Valid Through: A crucial factor for ranking, ensuring your listings stay current.
  • Location Type: Be clear about the job location, including remote work options.

Check out our useful guide on becoming a Google for jobs expert here

Adhering to these practices can enhance your ranking on Google for Jobs, potentially reducing dependency on job boards and increasing visibility.

This concludes our deep dive into SEO for expired listings and Google for Jobs. For more in-depth strategies, check out our Ultimate SEO Guide for Career Sites.

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