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Making Google for Jobs work for you

Making Google For Jobs Work For You
Paul Mason
Head of Careers Site Sales
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Google for Jobs History

Google for Jobs: An Updated Guide for 2024

Evolution of Google for Jobs Since 2017

Since its launch in 2017, Google for Jobs has become a pivotal platform for recruiters and hiring managers globally.

As of 2024, the platform has seen significant growth and evolution, adapting to the changing dynamics of the job market and search technology.

It now lists an even more substantial number of jobs, reflecting Google's dominance in search and its increasing relevance in the recruitment industry.

Current Trends in Traffic Acquisition

In recent years, there has been a shift in how career sites attract candidates.

Previously, many relied on recruitment agencies or job boards, which would repost roles with schema markup on their sites, appearing prominently in Google for Jobs, and effectively selling back the traffic to the original site.

Now, with heightened awareness and technological advancements, more careers sites are directly marking up their roles for visibility in Google for Jobs, bypassing intermediaries and reducing reliance on paid traffic sources.

Updated Beginner's Guide to Google for Jobs

Recognizing the need for current and accessible information, I've updated our beginner's guide to Google for Jobs.

This guide demystifies the platform and provides an easy-to-follow framework for marking up job listings with schema code.

We've simplified the terminology and process, making it more approachable for those new to SEO and schema markup.

The guide now covers the latest best practices and strategies for 2024, including handling expired vacancies and optimizing keyword research for job titles from the start. You can download the updated guide [here].

Optimizing for Google for Jobs in 2024

With the basics in place, the next step is to ensure your job listings rank as high as possible in Google for Jobs.

Our series of short, informative videos have been updated to reflect the latest techniques and strategies for 2024.

These resources are designed to enhance visibility, attract the right candidates, and ultimately reduce your dependence on traditional job boards, aligning with the latest trends and best practices in digital recruitment.

Stay ahead in the evolving world of online recruitment by leveraging the full potential of Google for Jobs with our comprehensive, up-to-date resources.

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