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Making Google for Jobs work for you

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Paul Mason
Paul Mason
Head of Careers Site Sales
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Google for Jobs History

Since its inception in 2017, Google for Jobs has fast become one of the go-to places to advertise a vacancy for recruiters and hiring managers worldwide. 

It is reported that there are 175,000 jobs listed on the platform daily which equates to over 5 billion jobs per month. When you factor in Google’s pull when it comes to search it doesn’t take a genius to work out why more and more of the savvy hiring managers we talk to every week are taking full advantage of this fantastic free service.

Buying Back Traffic

If you are like any number of careers websites out there who use recruitment agencies or job boards to attract candidates into your website, then the likelihood is these companies are taking the role from your website, marking it up with schema code in their own website so it shows prominently in Google for Jobs and then selling you back your own traffic. Pretty bad, huh?

The truth is, thousands of careers websites across the world along with significant numbers of hiring managers are simply unaware of how easy it is to mark up a role so it shows in Google for Jobs, or just don’t have the time to do it.

The harsh reality then is that they get caught up in this vicious cycle of paying for their own traffic forevermore.

Beginners Guide to Google for Jobs

It is was whilst discussing Google for Jobs recently with a potential client who had never used it before that I started toying with the idea of putting together a guide that would debunk the myths surrounding Google for Jobs and provide an easy-to-follow guide that would both educate and assist people who wanted to start marking up their jobs with schema code.

The very terms ‘schema code’ and ‘marking up a page’ can sometimes send people running for the hills, however, it doesn’t need to be that way and a well-marked up job listing page can attract lots of potential candidates into your careers website absolutely free of charge. 

The beginners guide is split into 6 areas and explains what Google for Jobs is and how to mark up a role, right through to what to do with expired vacancies and getting keyword research right for the job titles from the outset. Download the guide here!

Optimizing Google for Jobs

Once users have got the basics the next step is to get the job listing pages ranking as prominently as possible in Google for Jobs. We put together some short informative videos which explain exactly how to do this, and give you a great opportunity of ensuring your job listings are as visible as possible, attracting the right candidates and ensuring you can reduce your job board spend.

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