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SEO - The way to go

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Paul Mason
Paul Mason
Head of Careers Site Sales
Published on

Is SEO the most under-utilized tactic in your career's website and talent attraction strategy?

We think it might be. Let’s see how.

For some reason, SEO is still largely under-utilized within (or even completely absent from) the average recruitment marketing strategy. However, the fact remains it can quickly become the cheapest and most consistent source of qualified candidates in your entire plan if you make even a modest investment of regular time and resource.

Once your careers site pages are optimized and are ranking highly in search engines, et voila – suddenly you can reduce your job board and programmatic spend significantly and still have sufficient numbers of the right calibre of candidates arriving at your door. It’s a win-win.

So, if that’s the case… why are amazing, dynamic, bespoke websites sitting on the third and fourth pages of Google search results, unloved and unwanted? If an SEO fix really is the answer, why isn’t everybody doing it? 

The challenge with SEO… is the perception that it’s really, really hard.

The fact of the matter is... SEO doesn't have to be difficult or overly technical at all.

And, more often than not, with just a few quick SEO fixes under your belt, your career's website can begin to rank in many top positions for a variety of valuable search terms - especially when your competition is weak.

In our new video series “Careers Insider,” we’ll look at some amazing websites that just aren’t cutting the mustard in terms of their SEO. We’ll break down why they’re missing the mark, and then show you how simple it is to make a few on-page and technical fixes to become numero uno in the search results. 

We make each step super simple, and give you all the resources you need to understand and implement the power of SEO on your own careers website to achieve fantastic results.

Careers Insider: Week One 

This week we take a look at Careers.FedEx.Com and show you how this global brand is simply not delivering the goods when it comes to leveraging the value of SEO towards their talent attraction initiatives.



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