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The Benefits of Investing in a Careers Site for Your Organization

01 The Benefits Of Investing In A Careers Site
Jim Taylor
Managing Director
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As a business owner or HR manager, you know that attracting top talent is crucial for the success of your organization.

One way to make your company stand out to potential candidates is by investing in a careers site. A careers site is a dedicated website that provides information about job openings and the company culture at your organization.

In this blog post, we'll go over the importance of a careers site, the benefits of investing in a careers site, and how it can help your company attract and retain top talent.

What Is a Careers Site?

First, let's start with what you need to know about a careers site and why it's necessary to invest in one.

A careers site is a dedicated website that provides information about job openings and the company culture at your organization. It's a central hub for job seekers to learn about your company and apply for open positions.

Many companies have a careers page on their main website, while others opt to create a separate website solely for job listings and company information.

A careers site is an optimized space that compilíes information about your company's mission, culture, values, job perks and benefits. This site helps to increase your chances of recruiting the right employees and also keeps your hiring strategy organized.

Think of it like this: When candidates find a job ad for your company, they'll want to know more about who they'd work with and whether it would be the ideal environment for them. Likely the first thing they'll do is look up your website.

You can streamline the process for them with a careers site. Applicants can find what they want in moments, increasing their chances of applying and your chances of attracting top talent.

Read more about "What is a careers site".

Benefits of a Careers Site

So, why should you invest in a careers site?

A careers site can attract qualified candidates who fit the cultural needs of your company. From including current employee testimonials and engaging videos to information about company outings and links to your social media channels, there are various ways to get candidates excited to work with you.

Let's dive into the top five benefits of investing in a careers site for your organization.

1. Attract Top Talent

Having a well-designed careers site can make a big impression on job seekers. It shows that your company values its employer brand and is serious about attracting top talent.

A careers site also allows you to showcase your company culture and values, which can be a major factor in attracting candidates who align with your mission and values.

According to one report, 89% of job seekers use company career websites as their primary source of information when researching job opportunities. In addition, a Glassdoor study found that 77% of people would consider an organization's culture and values when deciding to apply for a job opening there.

2. Streamline the Application Process

67% of the American workforce say that the application process can make or break their decision to accept a job offer.

One of the biggest benefits of a careers site is that it streamlines the application process for both the company and job seekers. With an online application system, candidates can easily apply for multiple jobs and track the status of their applications. 

On the company side, an online application system allows HR professionals to easily review and track job applications. This can save a significant amount of time and resources for both parties.

3. Improve Candidate Experience

A careers site can dramatically improve the candidate experience by providing information about the job and company culture before the interview process.

This can help candidates determine if they are a good fit for the company and make the interview process more efficient. One study states that 78% of candidates believe a company's career site plays an important role in their decision to apply. 

You can further improve the candidate experience by including videos on your career site. Job seekers will spend 37% more time on a career site with video testimonials. 

4. Increase Employee Retention

Investing in a careers site can also help with employee retention. By showcasing your company culture and values, new hires will have a better understanding of what to expect from the company and be more likely to stay with the organization long-term. 

One survey by LinkedIn found that companies with strong employer branding have a 28% lower turnover rate compared to those with weak employer branding. 

5. Save Time and Resources

As mentioned earlier, a careers site can save time and resources for both the company and job seekers.

With an online application system, HR professionals can avoid spending as much time reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. 

Instead, they can integrate applicant tracking systems (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) into the career site to filter, assess and choose top talent in a short amount of time. 

On the job seeker side, they can easily apply for multiple jobs and track the status of their applications without having to follow up with the company. 

Still, it's important to ensure the application process is around an average of six minutes since 68% of applicants abandon job applications when they realize it is too lengthy. 

Build Your Career Site With HappyDance Today 

Investing in a careers site can benefit your organization in a number of ways. Do you want a careers site that inspires job seekers to apply?

If so, we welcome you to build an engaging career site with HappyDance. 

HappyDance is an award-winning creative organization that specializes in creating eye-catching career websites or pages for various companies.

We make sure to optimize your career site for mobile devices and SEO to ensure you provide your users with the best experience possible. 

We also ensure integrations with ATS and CRM so you can measure performance metrics and track and improve recruitment strategies.

Whether you're in industries like health care, retail, technology or life sciences, we encourage you to book a Demo today to see how you can benefit by investing in HappyDance or get in touch with us if you have any questions about building a careers site.

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