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What Candidates Really Care About on Your Career Site

Really Care About
Jim Taylor
Managing Director
Published on

In the ever-evolving job market, a company's career site is more than just a digital facade; it's a reflection of what the organization stands for and values.

But amidst the myriad of features and information, what do candidates genuinely care about?

This exploration goes beyond the surface, diving into the core elements that job seekers truly prioritize when browsing your career site.

The Essence of Career Sites

Forget the bells and whistles; candidates are looking for substance. They care about how your site communicates the company's ethos, values, and opportunities.

A revealing statistic from LinkedIn indicates that 59% of candidates use career sites to gauge a company, yet 80% find them lacking essential details.

This gap highlights a crucial point: candidates care about getting comprehensive, clear, and candid insights from your career site.

Transparency in Salary and Benefits

The topic candidates care about most? Salary. A LinkedIn survey reveals that 67% of candidates rank salary ranges as the top element on a job listing.

Vague statements about 'competitive salaries' don't cut it.

Candidates care about clear, upfront information regarding pay and benefits, as it helps them make informed decisions quickly.

The Value of Openness

Salary transparency signifies respect for the candidate's time and needs. It's about setting clear expectations and building trust from the first interaction. Candidates care about knowing if the role meets their financial requirements, which in turn, saves time for both parties.

Clear Career Paths

Beyond salary, candidates deeply care about career progression.

Research from Glassdoor indicates that over 70% of job seekers prioritize clear career pathways. They're looking for answers to questions like "What growth opportunities does this role offer?" or "How does this company support professional development?"

Real Growth Opportunities

Candidates care about seeing tangible examples of career growth within the organization. Testimonials or case studies showcasing employee development are particularly impactful.

Authenticity in Company Culture

Company culture is more than a buzzword for candidates; it's a deciding factor. According to, 86% of candidates consider culture crucial in their job decision process.

They care about understanding the true working environment and ethos of the company, not just the polished version presented in official communications.

Culture in the Real World

Candidates care about getting a genuine feel for the day-to-day life at your company. They appreciate candid insights, employee stories, and realistic portrayals of the work environment.

It's about aligning their personal values and work style with the company's culture.

Streamlining the Application Process

A critical aspect candidates care deeply about is the ease and efficiency of the application process.

A CareerBuilder survey reveals that 60% of candidates abandon applications due to their complexity or length.

Candidates care about an application process that is straightforward, respectful of their time, and technologically smooth.

Frictionless Experience

They're looking for clarity in application steps, minimal repetition of information, and a process that can be completed in a reasonable timeframe.

The HappyDance Difference

At HappyDance, we understand and prioritize what candidates genuinely care about.

Our platform is designed to offer a seamless integration of technology and design, ensuring that your career site not only attracts but also engages and respects the candidates.

Technology Meets Empathy

We believe in creating career sites where transparency in salary, clarity in career progression, authenticity in company culture, and efficiency in application processes aren't just features; they are fundamentals.

Our platform empowers you to provide candidates with the information and experience they care about, ensuring a match that benefits both the candidate and the company.

Empowering Your Brand Story

With HappyDance, your career site becomes a dynamic storytelling tool, showcasing your company's culture, values, and opportunities in a way that resonates with what candidates are truly looking for.

We help you build a careers site that doesn't just list jobs but narrates the journey of working with you.

Candidates today are savvy, discerning, and value-driven. They care about much more than just a list of job openings. They seek and respect transparency, clarity, authenticity, and efficiency.

Your career site is the window through which potential candidates view your organization. Make sure it accurately and compellingly reflects what your company is all about.

Your Move

Are you ready to transform your career site into a powerful, candidate-focused platform?
To craft an experience that aligns with what candidates genuinely care about?

Book a demo with HappyDance today and take the first step towards creating a career site that truly connects with your audience.

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