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HappyDance Webinar: What Makes a Good Careers Site?

What Makes a Good Careers Site Webinar
Jim Taylor
Managing Director
Published on

Managing Director Jim Taylor welcomes Tom Haqcuoil from trusted partners PinPoint to discuss what makes a great careers site.

Remote working, AI, and labour shortages have escalated challenges in hiring talent. 77% of employers globally report difficulty hiring talent vs only 35% a decade earlier. And 60% of these talent leaders say their company will invest more in employer branding. And that all starts with a great website.

As more and more brands turn to strategic employer branding, a great careers site that reflects the new employer brand is ever more important. Coupled together, employer branding and careers sites can competitively attract, engage, and convert talent to your brand.

Pinpoint, trusted partner to HappyDance, provide applicant tracking systems to monitor the candidates application process from visiting a careers site through to completed applications. Empowered with this data, talent managers can gain insight into website performance and get granular on driving candidate applications.

HappyDance's feature-rich, 100% manageable careers sites provide a rich platform for portraying an employer brand and together with PinPoint, have been able to offer an unmatched careers site that combines rich, compelling media, with behind the scenes measurement.

To understand how this partnership can help hiring managers with modern day hiring problems, register for the webinar here!

Can't make it? Find out more on what makes a great careers site by reading our blog on crafting a brand destination, tips on captivating and converting, or the anatomy of a perfect careers page.

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