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Sourcing CoPilot

A HappyDance Premium Feature

Up to 90% of the traffic to your careers site leaves without taking any action. That means only 10% of your sourcing, advertising, SEO, and social media marketing is effective in connecting you to candidates.

What if we had the solution?

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Meet Sourcing CoPilot


The Edge You’ve Been Looking For​


Connect with top-quality talent at scale.


Use your careers site for talent acquisition and sourcing for meaningful candidate conversations.


Connect with your existing CRM, adding site visitors to your sales funnel.

Your New Talent Acquisition Tool

The latest innovation from HappyDance, Sourcing CoPilot will connect you with up to 70% of your anonymous careers site visitors and straight into your CRM.

So you can spend less, to get the right candidates to apply for your open roles, faster.

Sourcing CoPilot is transforming the future of careers sites and the way you connect with untapped, high-quality talent.

Results that Really Matter

Get ready for some mind-blowing results – and guess what? You don't have to lift a finger!

Sourcing CoPilot swings open doors to quality candidates you never knew existed.

How it works

  1. Anonymous candidate visits Careers Site. Many leave before applying for a job or joining your talent community.

  2. Candidate’s browser information is sent to third-party data stores.

  3. Candidate’s browser information is matched against third-party data store.

  4. Matched data compliant candidate information is sent to CRM or equivalent in real-time.​

Sound too good to be true?

Don’t take our word for it. See it for yourself.

Book a call and our team will give you a live demo of Sourcing CoPilot in action.

Your first 1,000 contacts are free.

We are so confident that you will be amazed by Sourcing CoPilot, that we are sharing the love and giving away the first 1,000 contacts FREE.

If that doesn’t make you do a happy dance, we’re not sure, what will.