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HappyDance Sourcing CoPilot 

Connects you with up to 70% of your anonymous careers site visitors and straight into your CRM.

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As global corporations consider investing in this technology, it's essential to understand its worldwide legal standing.

Global Compliance

HappyDance is not just a tech marvel; it's a platform that respects and adheres to international laws and best practices:

  • USA: In line with the US CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, HappyDance ensures that all communications have a clear opt-out mechanism, transparent advertisement sign, and other necessary requirements.
  • Europe: Respecting the European Union's GDPR, HappyDance seeks explicit consent before processing personal data, ensuring that European clients and their customers are always protected.
  • California: Recognizing the unique requirements of California's CCPA, HappyDance has provisions to ensure compliance, especially for businesses that fall under the CCPA's applicability thresholds.

Spam Clarification

The term Spam is often misunderstood. While the industry organization Spamhaus defines Spam as "Unsolicited Bulk Email," HappyDance ensures that its communications do not qualify as Spam. By supplying verifiable consent and offering transparency about the source of opt-ins, HappyDance stands out as a trustworthy platform.

Partner Network & Transparency

HappyDance's strength lies in its vast partner network. When users opt-in on one partner website, HappyDance ensures that the consent is genuine and verifiable. This transparency builds trust and ensures that the recipients always welcome email communications.

GDPR & B2B Marketing

HappyDance understands the nuances of GDPR, especially when it comes to B2B marketing. By ensuring that marketing campaigns are tailored, relevant, and fall under the "legitimate interest" category, HappyDance ensures that corporations can confidently reach out to prospects in the EU.


For corporations looking to invest in a tech product that not only enhances their email marketing capabilities but also ensures global legal compliance, HappyDance is the ideal choice. With its commitment to best practices, transparency, and global legal adherence, HappyDance Sourcing CoPilot offers a reliable and efficient solution for businesses worldwide.