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We’re HappyDance

We envision Careers Sites as smart brand destinations.

Our vision is to create a platform that seamlessly integrates technology and design to provide a world-class brand experience while making talent attraction management effortless at scale.

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Empowering Connection.

At the core of our vision is the goal of showcasing both a realistic and inspirational view of the candidate experience. We believe that the ultimate mission is to continually enhance the brand experience through thoughtful design. Technology is a vital enabler, but it's not the whole solution. The best solution will emerge from a compelling brand representation supported by technology.

Our vision is also focused on using technology to eliminate friction, making the experience efficient for both candidates and administrators. This approach empowers our customers to be agile, independent, and consistently on-brand.

Ultimately, we aim to offer a concierge service to candidates, helping them learn, engage, and discover ideally matched career opportunities effortlessly. 

What our customers say about us

We believe in a simple maxim – happy customers, happy life. Hear what some of our customers have to say about HappyDance Careers Sites.

Why our careers sites will make your day

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An easy, hassle-free implementation phase.

Not a prolonged scenario where you feel like you’re doing all the thinking and planning yourself.

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A concierge service that means you do very little but get a fully ready-to-go-live end result.

Not an empty shell, you have to populate, tailor and test yourself.

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A responsive, available partnership that means if you need us, we’re always on hand and never far away.

Not a remote offshore development team that is only contactable via your partners channels.

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A superior, award-winning design service that speaks for itself.

Not a restrictive, out of the box, paint by numbers approach.

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A platform built on a solid foundation of code that is current and up to date.

Not old temperamental code that is slow, restrictive and poor for SEO and load-speed.

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A culture of agility, flexibility and generosity that means no hidden costs lurking around every corner.

Not a transactional approach that means you get what you buy and everything else comes at a price.

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Transparent support-led approach.

Our goal is to make you as independent as possible, never charging you for something you can easily do yourself.

About – 9

Pricing integrity.

You will always, and only pay for exactly what you’ve agreed to, without hidden costs, extras or dependencies that require additional investment.

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Find your happy place.

With our bespoke service and industry-leading platform, your careers site can tell the story of your employer brand, secure more applications from the right candidates and elevate your candidate experience.

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