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Content Grader

Content Grader

Speak the language of happiness. Because words matter.

You may be familiar with our famous tool, Job Page Grader. Well, there’s good news… this technology has been plugged straight into our careers site platform. Measure the quality of all your job pages together.

Let your employer brand content shine.

Groundbreaking content grading tools such as sentiment analysis, readability, discrimination bias and SEO keyword insights will help you create better content for candidates and search engines.

Turn simple job ads into high-performing landing pages. With unique suggestions and in-depth content recommendations, you’ll never have to question yourself again.

Positive Sentiment

As candidates read through your careers site, they assess and judge every single word. To navigate this level of scrutiny, Content Grader detects patterns that may undermine your messages, so you can present content that lands more positively with potential candidates.


Elements such as word choice and sentence length have a big impact on how easily your message is conveyed (or lost). Content Grader improves the quality of your content by ensuring website visitors can easily read and understand what you’re saying.

Gender Bias

Everyday language can be subtly “gender-coded”, but, on a careers site, this can repel candidates and put people off. Content Grader analyzes your text to assess bias towards particular demographics, providing suggestions that help you write in a more neutral tone so you don’t accidentally turn candidates away.
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Leave guesswork in the past.

With Content Grader, you can ensure that all of your site’s content is optimized for the best possible user experience. Find out how we’re changing the game.

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