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Our Careers Site Content Grader

Perfecting the Art of Communication.

Elevate Your Employer Brand with Precision and Empathy.

In the digital world, every word counts. That's why HappyDance's Content Grader is an invaluable tool for your careers site. Building on the success of our renowned Job Page Grader, this technology is now an integral part of our platform, enabling you to assess and enhance the quality of your job pages collectively.

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Transforming Job Ads into High-Performing Assets.

Our Content Grader doesn't just analyze; it guides you in creating content that resonates with candidates and search engines alike. From SEO optimization suggestions to in-depth content recommendations, you gain the insights needed to elevate every page.

Why Leverage a Recruitment Website Grader?

Content-grading tools are key to crafting messages that stand out and convert visitors into applicants.

Reduce Time-to-Fill

The more applicants you have for a vacancy, the more likely you are to find a qualified candidate to offer it to. Some nuances of language, such as words associated with one gender, may discourage job seekers from applying. Beyond that, content that's too long or hard to read can affect results.

A content grader helps ensure your message is clear and free of bias or wordiness — this way, it can engage more candidates and reduce the time it takes to fill a position.

Improve SEO

Readability is a crucial factor that influences:

1. How long a visitor stays on your site.

2. How engaging they find your content to be.

3. How likely they are to share, revisit or recommend your content.

All these factors can impact your rankings on search pages. A content grader offers suggestions for improving your readability and rising in the ranks.

Manage Your Employer Brand More Effectively

Your company has gone to great lengths to create a culture that attracts and retains star talent. You've showcased that on your careers pages to excite potential new employees — but one poorly crafted element can quickly undermine those efforts if its language feels off-brand. A comprehensive content grader helps prevent that outcome by aligning your words with your company values.

Features of Our Careers Site Page Grader Tool

Our exclusive Content Grader analyzes content based on four main factors.

Positive Sentiment Analysis

Ensures your content is positively received, detecting and advising on adjustments to enhance the appeal to potential candidates.

Readability Enhancement

Improves the accessibility of your content, ensuring it’s easy to read and understand, thus broadening your reach.

Gender Bias Detection

Identifies and helps correct subtle language biases, promoting a more inclusive tone in your content.

SEO Keyword Insights

Provides valuable SEO insights and suggestions, enhancing your content's visibility and effectiveness.


Our Content Grader can analyze any content you're creating, from job opening ads to blog posts and website copy. You can also revisit evergreen and existing content and use the tool to optimize it.

A Tool for Inclusive, Engaging, and Effective Content.

Comprehensive Content Analysis

Assess the sentiment, readability, and inclusivity of your content to ensure it aligns with your employer brand values.

Turn Pages into High-Performing Landing Pages

Elevate simple job ads to compelling landing pages with SEO and content insights.

Inclusive Messaging

Cultivate a careers site that appeals to a diverse audience by eliminating unconscious biases in your language.

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Why Transform Your Careers Site With HappyDance?

We're Defenders of Happiness and part of the Ph.Creative family. Our team blends powerful digital technology with expertise in communications and employer branding. We leverage these skills to help leading companies position themselves as employers of choice. Partner with us to take advantage of our:

Award-winning bespoke website design.

Robust platform security, user accessibility and data privacy compliance.

Compatible application integrations for unifying your recruiting tools.

Fully supported implementation services.

Legendary ongoing customer support.

History of successful results.

Straightforward pricing.

Concierge content creation and management services.

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