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Winning the SEO Game: Career Sites vs. Major Job Boards

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Jim Taylor
Managing Director
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In the challenging arena of online recruitment, the goal for many career sites is clear: rank above the large job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn.

These platforms dominate search results, (that's after you've scrolled past Google for Jobs listings) making it tough for individual career sites to catch the eye of top talent. But what if there's a strategy that can turn the tables? 

Drawing inspiration from e-commerce SEO successes – think of how Amazon masterfully handles product visibility. There's a potent approach waiting to be tapped into by career sites.

Evergreen landing pages, a staple in the e-commerce world, can be the key to not only competing with but surpassing big job boards in search rankings.

In this post, we'll explore how adopting e-commerce SEO tactics can transform your career site, allowing your job posts to gain the visibility they deserve and attract the right candidates.

Join us as we explore effective strategies to optimize your career site, attract quality candidates, and ultimately win against the major job boards in search engine rankings. It's time to level the playing field and showcase the full potential of your career site.

Table of contents:

The SEO Struggle for Career Sites Against Big Job Boards

The Dominance of Large Job Boards

The online job search arena is a battlefield dominated by giants like Indeed and LinkedIn. These platforms, with their extensive reach and high domain authority, often overshadow smaller career sites in search engine rankings.

This dominance poses a significant challenge for individual company career sites vying for visibility.

The Transient Nature of Job Posts

A unique challenge for career sites is the ephemeral nature of job posts. Unlike the more static pages on large job boards, these posts are dynamic, appearing and disappearing as roles are filled.

This short lifecycle impedes their ability to establish a strong presence in search engine results as they eventually become 404s (page not found), where longevity and consistent traffic are key factors.

Leveraging SEO for Visibility

Despite these challenges, there's a window of opportunity for career sites. Drawing inspiration from the e-commerce world, particularly the SEO strategies employed by sites like Amazon, can offer a new pathway.

These sites excel in ranking for various search intents through well-crafted landing pages, a technique that can be adapted to enhance the visibility of job posts on career sites.

E-Commerce SEO Tactics – An example with Amazon

Amazon’s SEO Mastery: A Model for Career Sites

Amazon's success in the e-commerce realm is not just about the range of products it offers but also how it makes them visible.

Take the example of "Beats Wireless Headphones". It's not just one product page that captures the market; it’s a network of strategically crafted landing pages.

These pages target various search terms like 'Beats wireless headphones', 'Beats headphones', 'wireless headphones', and more, effectively capturing different customer intents.

Diverse Landing Pages for Diverse Searches

Amazon’s approach showcases the power of tailored landing pages. Each page, while promoting the same products, are optimized for different search terms.

This strategy ensures visibility across a spectrum of potential customer search queries. It’s a testament to understanding and leveraging the nuances of search intent, a critical component of effective SEO.

Applying Amazon’s Lessons to Job Posts

What if career sites could mimic this strategy? Instead of relying solely on a single job post page, imagine creating a variety of landing pages for each role.

These pages could target different job-related queries, such as ‘Front-end developer jobs in Chicago’ or more general terms like ‘Front-end developer careers’.

By doing so, career sites can capture a wider range of job seeker searches, similar to how Amazon captures a diverse customer base.

Implementing Evergreen Landing Pages for Career Sites

The Power of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content remains a cornerstone in digital marketing for its enduring relevance and ability to attract consistent traffic.

In the context of career sites, this translates to developing landing pages that go beyond the limited scope of a single job posting.

These pages act as perennial resources, continually drawing in potential candidates by focusing on broader career opportunities within specific job roles and locations.

Research-Driven Content Creation

The first step in crafting these landing pages is thorough research. Utilizing tools like Google's Keyword Planner and analyzing search trends helps in understanding what potential candidates are searching for.

Or simply act as a candidate and type into Google what you believe a candidate would search for when looking for a new job. E.g. 'role or skill jobs in location'. See what Google auto suggest. 

This research should focus on uncovering the keywords and phrases job seekers use, their search intent, and the types of information they seek.

Incorporating these insights ensures that the content on the landing pages aligns with the queries and needs of your target candidates.

Beyond Job Descriptions: Rich, Engaging Landing Pages

Creating landing pages that center on job roles or career paths involves more than just listing current openings. For example, a page titled ‘Front-end Developer Jobs in Chicago’ could offer a wealth of information and insights. Here’s how:

  1. Employee Narratives and Day-in-the-Life Content: Incorporating real employee stories and ‘day in the life’ scenarios offers a genuine glimpse into the company culture and what a role truly entails. This not only makes the content more relatable but also helps prospective candidates envision themselves in such roles.
  2. FAQs and Educational Insights: Addressing common questions and providing educational content about the field or role can be immensely helpful. This serves a dual purpose: it educates candidates and reduces repetitive inquiries, freeing up time for hiring managers during the interview process.
  3. Enhancing SEO and SERP Visibility: Well-crafted, informative content can significantly boost your pages' performance in search engine results. Rich snippets, pulled from FAQs or insightful sections of your page, can improve visibility in search results, making your site more accessible to job seekers.

A Strategic Approach to SEO and User Experience

Optimizing these evergreen pages for search engines involves more than just keyword insertion. It's about creating engaging, informative content that resonates with job seekers.

By targeting broader search terms and providing comprehensive insights, these pages can attract candidates at different stages of their job search journey, substantially increasing your career site's reach and impact.

The Benefits of Evergreen Landing Pages on Career Sites

Sustained Visibility and Long-Term Attraction

Evergreen landing pages transcend the limitations of time-sensitive job posts.
By maintaining relevance over a longer period, they continue to attract potential candidates well beyond the posting period of a single job.

This ongoing visibility ensures that your career site remains a constant in the eyes of job seekers, reinforcing your brand's presence in the job market.

Enriching Candidate Experience with Comprehensive Information

These pages offer more than just job openings; they become a repository of knowledge about specific roles and career paths. Including detailed job descriptions, employee experiences, FAQs, and in-depth insights, they enrich the candidate's journey.

This comprehensive approach aids candidates in making informed decisions, thereby improving the quality of applications.

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

By addressing common queries and providing a wealth of information upfront, evergreen landing pages can streamline the recruitment process.

They save time for both candidates and hiring managers by reducing the need for basic inquiries during interviews. This efficiency not only accelerates the hiring process but also enhances the overall experience for both parties.

SEO Advantages: Ranking and Rich Snippets

From an SEO perspective, these pages are invaluable. They increase the chances of ranking for relevant keywords and phrases over a prolonged period.

Additionally, well-structured content on these pages, such as FAQs and in-depth insights, can be featured in rich snippets on search engine results pages (SERPs), further boosting visibility and attracting organic traffic.

Building a Talent Pool for Future Opportunities

Lastly, evergreen landing pages are effective in building a talent pool. Even if visitors aren’t ready to apply immediately, they provide a touchpoint for future opportunities. They can be used as campaign landing pages for your nurture campaigns to bring candidates back to your Careers Site.

As candidates become familiar with your brand and the wealth of information your site offers, they are more likely to return when they are ready to take the next step in their career.


Revolutionizing Career Sites with Evergreen SEO Strategies

As we've explored, the incorporation of evergreen SEO strategies, inspired by successful e-commerce practices, holds immense potential for revolutionizing career sites.

By adopting the tactics used by platforms like Amazon for products, career sites can enhance their visibility, compete effectively against major job boards, and attract a more targeted audience.

The implementation of evergreen landing pages transforms the way job posts are perceived and discovered. These pages, rich with employee stories, FAQs, and in-depth career insights, not only provide sustained visibility but also enrich the candidate experience. They streamline the recruitment process, save time for hiring managers, and boost SEO performance through improved rankings and rich snippets.

By building these comprehensive, informative landing pages, career sites can develop a robust talent pool, ready to engage with future opportunities.

This approach empowers career sites to become more than just a listing platform; they evolve into a dynamic resource for both candidates and employers.

Are you ready to elevate your career site to the next level?

Discover how our innovative approach can transform your talent attraction strategy.

Book a demo today and join us in the journey of revolutionizing career sites with cutting-edge SEO techniques. Embrace the change, attract the right talent, and stay ahead in the competitive world of online recruitment.

You can also learn more about SEO for Career Sites with our "Ultimate SEO Guide for Career Sites".

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