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CMS (Umbraco)

Our Careers Site Content Management System

Revolutionizing Career Site Management.

Empower Your Talent Team with Next-Generation CMS.

Your talent acquisition team is extraordinary, and they deserve tools that amplify their capabilities. HappyDance's state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS) is precisely that tool. It's the behind-the-scenes hero that transforms career sites from functional to phenomenal.

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Seamless and Powerful: Our Enterprise CMS

We understand that the backbone of an exceptional careers site is its CMS. Our system, developed with leading-edge expertise, delivers a seamless editing journey and the flexibility required for dynamic talent acquisition.

3 Reasons You Need a CMS for Your Careers Site

There are many reasons to leverage a CMS on your careers site, but here are our top three.

1. It Improves Collaboration

Talent acquisition is often a team effort. Your teams can work collaboratively with defined user roles for higher efficiency and productivity.

2. It Provides a Better Visitor Experience

Our CMS platform includes search functionality. With just a few clicks, your visitors can quickly locate the content they’re looking for.

3. It Boosts SEO

HappyDance’s CMS has built-in SEO functionality to help get and keep your content on candidates’ radars. With advanced asset creation and automatic scheduling features, you can regularly publish fresh content to stay relevant.

Features of Our CMS for Careers Sites

Get to know our CMS and all the reasons you'll love it.

User-Centric Editing Experience

Simplify content creation with an intuitive CMS that enhances, not complicates, the talent acquisition process.

Inclusive and Intuitive Design

Designed for users of all technical abilities, our CMS allows your team to create pages, manage content, and utilize multilingual capabilities effortlessly.

Unlimited Editing Suite

Empower your team with unlimited capabilities to customize content, manage media libraries, and adjust user permissions easily.

A Living Platform for Your Employer Brand

More than just a CMS, it's a partner in showcasing your culture, values, and vision through your career site.

Mobile Loading in a Flash

Today’s mobile-first users are up to 123% more likely to bounce from slow-loading pages. Our CMS delivers rapid, responsive pages to keep visitors on your site.

Powerful Integrations With Other Strategic Tools

The Microsoft .NET framework allows the CMS to integrate with Microsoft products, common analytics applications, customer relationship management tools and enterprise resource planning systems.

Security, Accessibility and Scalability

Our cloud-based CMS boasts sophisticated technology tools designed to thwart bad actors, supports accessibility for users of all abilities, and easily accommodates business growth and changes in demand.

Transforming Career Sites into Brand Ambassadors.

Beyond Job Postings

Craft a careers site that tells your brand's story compellingly, turning job listings into narratives that resonate with potential candidates.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Enjoy the freedom to tailor your careers site to reflect the unique essence of your employer brand.

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Why Partner With HappyDance?

We offer more than a comprehensive content management system for recruitment agencies and careers websites. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re HappyDance, Defenders of Happiness and part of the Ph.Creative family. We’ve taken our roots as an employer branding agency and built on it with digital expertise. The result is an award-winning creative team taking careers websites to a happy place for some of the world’s best-known companies.

Organizations trust HappyDance because:

We offer robust support for your success. We have a responsive team ready to provide technical assistance, world-class design services and customer support.

We believe in being upfront. Our pricing is transparent, so there are no surprises. Take advantage of predictable, agreed-upon costs.

We provide concierge services. We’re all for do-it-yourselfers, but if you’re more of a do-it-for-me company, we’re happy to help.

We get real-world results. We’ve included numerous case studies detailing what we’ve helped our partners achieve on our customer success page.

We deliver full-service implementation. We don’t just create great sites — we also help you implement them for the best possible outcomes.

Insightful Thoughts: Elevating Your Careers Site Strategy.

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