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CMS (Umbraco)

Content Management System

You’ve got the best talent team. Now give them the best platform.

Our flexible, enterprise platform is built upon a Content Management System that is known for its flexibility and great editing experience. As an accredited Umbraco partner, our CMS is built with love, expertise, and ease of use in mind.

Simplicity, reimagined.

The world of talent acquisition can be challenging, so why settle for a careers site that makes your life even more difficult? With our careers Sites, we’ve designed the editor experience to be as simple and intuitive as possible.  

A back office that’s easy to use

With unlimited editing tools that are easy to learn, your team can take full ownership of your careers site by building pages, editing content, accessing multilingual features, uploading to media library and managing back-office user permissions.

Accredited partners

We’re an accredited Umbraco partner and specialize in .Net development, which, in other words, means we’re experts at building world-class, enterprise-level careers sites.

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Feel the freedom for yourself

Our CMS benefits from quick implementation; with just three hours of training, your team will be all set to go. Updates are easy to manage and scale, and never dependent upon support tickets or waiting times. Feel liberated to manage and grow your digital presence – the way you’d like.

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